2019/2020 FEES

The following is the fee structure for Swimming WA and Lesmurdie Legends


When you register with myswimresults.com.au to become a member or renew your membership of Lesmurdie Legends Swimming Club you will be provided with the following options (Please note that the Swimming WA fee and the Lesmurdie Legends club fee is paid altogether in a single payment).

Swimming WA Fee’s

Junior Dolphin (5 year old) – Free

Junior Dolphin (6 year old) – $11

Junior Dolphin (7 year old) – $22

Junior Dolphin (8 year old) – $44

General Swimmer (9 years and older) – $121

Parent / Guardian Membership (with child member under the age of 18 which is compulsory) – Free

Individual membership (parents who wish to remain a member after child turns 18, however a committee member may be a better option as this is free) – $55

Club committee member – Free

Please note – Seasonal Membership is not available as our pool is open all year.

For new memberships only there is a new type called a General Member – $55

A General member is someone who wants to align themselves with a club for open water events or wanting to test their skills in club pool competitions.

More information about this membership is available at Swimming WA – https://wa.swimming.org.au/come-swim-us/new-201920-membership-categories

Unfortunately this membership is not available for existing members of Swimming WA.

Lesmurdie Legends Club Fee’s

Lesmurdie Legends is currently reviewing its fee structure for 2019/2020 this will be made available at the AGM.

Fee’s for Lesmurdie Legends 2019-20

1st Child = $55

2nd Child = $45

3rd Child = $25

4th Child + = Free